Private Elementary Tutoring
by Career Teacher

Professional private elementary tutoring by a certified teacher with over 30 years professional teaching and tutoring experience. Nancy Green has taught school in Aldine ISD, Spring ISD, Conroe ISD and Klein ISD. She has specialized training for helping students challenged with studying and learning. She knows how to help your child develop confidence and learning esteem.

Elementary Tutoring in Reading, English, Writing, Spelling, and Math

I recognize that students vary in their learning styles and interests, and my one-on-one private sessions are tailored specifically for each learner. My students do not receive a one-size-fits-all program.

Building Learning Esteem and Skills

We all learn differently and have natural styles that honor our intelligence and ways of interacting in the world. With this in mind, I can assist a student in finding their best learning style and build their learning esteem.

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Your child deserves dedicated one-on-one professional private elementary tutoring.

Private Elementary Tutoring by Nancy H. Green

Experienced and Effective Private Elementary Tutoring for Grades K-8

Serving Houston, Spring and The Woodlands, Texas

I am a certified teacher with over 30 years professional teaching and elementary tutoring experience. Additionally, I have been doing professional private elementary tutoring as Nancy Tutors since 2010. My specialty is in helping elementary students with Reading, English, Writing, Spelling, Math and scholastic test preparation. Furthermore, I work with both learning challenged students as well as exceptional students. My clients typically live in Houston, Spring, Klein, Conroe, Shenandoah and The Woodlands, Texas.

My tutoring sessions are by appointment only in my home. As well as making the student comfortable, tutoring in my home helps to eliminate distractions. Most of my students schedule permanent weekly appointments with me throughout the school year and summer. Each session is private. Students get my undivided attention for the entire session. This allows me to focus on their unique needs. Through one-one-one tutoring, students are able to progress and build self-confidence in their own abilities.

I am flexible and very patient which helps with students who are challenged in learning. We all learn differently and have natural styles that honor our intelligence and ways of interacting in the world. I will be able to help your child find their best learning style. Learning esteem is achieved by building on success. Benefits of private tutoring are well documented. I look forward to assisting your child in this process.

Career Teacher

I am a successful teacher with experience in Conroe ISD, Spring ISD, Aldine ISD and Klein ISD. Additionally, I have years of experience in private elementary tutoring. My abilities include helping students meet their future challenges. This is possible because I am flexible, open to change, and willing to make whatever adaptations are necessary in meeting each individual student’s learning needs. I appreciate each student’s special and unique qualities.

I believe it is important to have a balance of caring and firmness. Using positive reinforcement through specific verbal praise, and rewards for jobs well done encourage students to do their best. Having clearly set boundaries on behavior and privileges give students a sense of security.

Sharing and exchanging new ideas with my fellow educators keeps fresh ideas flowing. Participating in career workshops and seminars enhances my professional growth.

My co-workers describe me as open-minded, dedicated, professional and easy to get along with. My students find me considerate, encouraging, respectful, fair and understanding. I enjoy teaching.

Elementary Tutoring by Nancy Green

Learning Environment

I feel students are most motivated to learn when they know you care about them. Keeping the environment as distraction free as possible helps students to focus better. Treating each student as an individual and letting them know you believe in them helps to establish a positive connection. Talking to the student’s parents and other teachers when possible helps me get important information that will help me to know their individual strengths and challenges.

It is important to be a model of what you expect. I encourage students to ask questions and tell me if they do not understand something.

I look for opportunities to positively reinforce good behavior and learning as much as possible, being specific about what they did right. Situations are handled as calmly, positively and professionally as possible.

The Benefits of Private Tutoring

There are many benefits of private elementary tutoring including improving students’ grades, study skills and confidence levels. In summary, here are some of the benefits from private tutoring:

  • One-on-one attention
  • Opportunities to experience success
  • Private setting free of distractions
  • Discovery of his/her best learning style
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Renewed motivation and confidence for those with  learning challenges
  • Academic improvement
  • Custom scheduling

Elementary Tutoring Certified Subjects

Elementary Education

  • Reading
  • Handwriting
  • Math
  • Study Skills


  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Literature

Special Needs

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